21Oct 2015

I would postulate that every dominatrix has encountered that element of “slave” (it doesn’t really feel correct to term them as such, I’d say they are more “browsers” of the fetish without the stones to immerse themselves in it!)

Their platform of choice is predominantly social networks (twitter in particular).

The fetish-browser (FB for short) will comment on pictures, goings on and picks sides/stirs the pot with any public arguments between dominas in order to curry favour.

Drawing from my own personal experience, there was once a particular little scrote whom I had found myself getting to know quite well who acted in such a way. He used an argument between myself and a 3rd party to try and become her pal/confidant (despite the entire scene despising said person and her being in the absolute wrong in the incident)

It didn’t work, however, as he stupidly messaged me thinking it was she. What a moron.

This is the most common type of this behaviour, however, occasionally, more classically, they will pop up on email, sending an overly-familiar rambling message.

Comments such as “I really like you, i like our chats” (when the sole response ever received to their war and peace length message is a slightly uncomfortable/ awkward “thanks thats very flattering”)

This is where it really becomes a bore, instead of leaving it at that, I mean c’mon, they’ve had some positive interaction with someone they clearly admire, and the mistress is left feeling complimented and that liberties are not being taken with her time.. No, it must progress… the FB gets greedy, as they always do….

I’m not sure if those who aren’t prodomme truly understand the bombardment we receive expecting attention of the most personal and time consuming for nothing.

I’ve never seen it’s parallel in any other profession!

These people are told

“I don’t have time for friendships and rapports with every total stranger ( incidentally, often not even a name or photo is provided) who comes my way. If you want my time, tribute and we shall see…”

“Oh i would love to princess, truly i would. however, i’m owned…” Is the usual response.

This bullshit excuse is used by 2 separate factions, i’m not sure honestly which i find worse;

The bullshitter:

Not ACTUALLY owned, its obvious, they have no mention of their domina on whatever profile and have already copy and pasted the same message to 50 twitterati this morning. Twat

The genuinely owned:

There is interaction between sub and said mistress and she is mentioned all over their profile. It’s legit.

What it think of these 2 types of BUFOON
The bullshitter:

Speaks for itself, nice convenient excuse, but basic and predictable, self explanatory.

The pre-owned sub:

This is what really begins to feel insulting. The pre owned sub will wax lyrical of your power, profess of your beauty, express a deep seated desire to know you, and all of you! They could never insult their superior by spending money buying you a gift or paying for a session!!

So, let me get this straight… if they are such a deeply devoted slave.. why aren’t they talking with said owner? Why are they browsing the net?

Is it that you they MONEY in higher regard than the gift of talking to she or I? Am i the only one who finds that deeply insulting?

An equivalent i suppose, in vanilla terms would be finding out your partner , whilst socialising in a circle of friends on a night out, happened to buy a female in the group a drink and that was the end of it…

Would that somehow be MORE of a crime than if you discovered he had spent the entire evening whispering sweet nothings into her ear? Saying how wonderful she was and beautiful and special while you sit being uncomplimented unawares in the corner? Which would you prefer?

So the moral to this story folks?

Well it isn’t that I don’t have owned, non-tributing friends… I do.

There are a few mitigating circumstances in which this occurs;

  • I knew you before you were owned
  • We have some commonality besides the obvious bdsm connection
  • You got me in a good mood and felt like talking
  • I have been introduced to you by your owner

Basically, the common denominator which governs whether I allow such a person into my life? That i fucking want to and is that it isn’t EXPECTED of me…



Never forget “Dammit I’m mad” spells “Dammit I’m mad” backwards

07Oct 2015

Hello to all and sundry!

I’m sure that more than a few of you have been wondering where the devil i have been for the most-part of 2015…

Popping up occasionally on twitter, as I dom like a sexy evil little whack-a-mole only to disappear to the depths of “Sofialand” soon after.

Well, I have been up to many things, including getting into the shape of my life… (see below) but that and all my other goings-on are going to be in my next blog (which incidentally i’m going to TRY and post once a week)



Anyway, to the topic of today!!

I have become very busy in my various other ventures, and would really like more chance to session, as i feel i am losing a very important and central part of my life, but other pursuits stop be from having the time. this makes me sad

Therefore, i sat and thought to myself “Sofia, what if you could concentrate all your play into a set time every day… it would make your diary easier to schedule…”

Anyone who keeps up to date with my tweets knows, if you want to see me and you want it last minute or late i am NOT one to be inconvenienced…

So you pay, HANDSOMELY… this is why regularly i tweet session earning screenshots of £700-1000 an hour +

Anyway, i thought… what if i offered the opposite? A reward system which allowed those without the funds to see me at their preferred time an opportunity to session with me at a more obtainable rate?

And like a flash of light it struck me….


The thought alone of the title made me chuckle…
it is only suitable for the party girl OF BDSM Princess Sofia to roll out an offer akin to that of a drinking establishment!

    As with all happy hours, this will have t&cs


Monday – friday – 6.30pm – 8.30pm:

30 min sessions ONLY (no you cannot book 2 concurrent 30 min sessions). All services included £100

Saturday – 1-3pm

Foot ignore sessions £75/hr

Pure foot worship with interaction £150/hr

Intimate worship ignore £150/hr

< THIS PRICE IS IN TOTAL. There will be no extras charge, no last minute charge. MUST BE BOOKED AND PAID IN FULL BY 10PM NIGHT BEFORE

There you have it! Happy hour, chez sofia!

The terms and conditions will be subject to change, so always consult my price page for current rates, but i thought, why not? let’s give it a go!

Anyway, in other news, I have been asked by quite a few in my absense to do a questions and answers post soon (building up the questions atm)

Therefore, if you’ve ever had anything you’ve wanted to ask me, from the personal (keep it respectful guys), to the banal, to the philosophical or the downright bizarre send me your questions to
and keep your eyes peeled for my answers post!



ps; don’t forget to follow my daily goings on at @sofiadomme 🙂






06Jan 2015

Yes, it’s 3am!!! Yet, hark! I am, writing a bloggy blog blog!!!

Salutations and hello once again to all my adoring fans and wonderful friends who are reading this…Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 03.37.04

I know what you’re ALL thinking…

“Sofia is on the Bollinger tonight”

But alas, alack and alay, I’m afraid you could not be further from the truth (*sticks thumb on nose and wiggles fingers* ner-ner nernerner!)

So, why prithee, tell, fair Maiden Sofia (why do i always talk like I’m in fucking medieval times when I am excited or blog?!?!?) are you blogging your arseth offeth at such a late hour?

Well it’s not to post pictures of me butt naked, I’ll tell you that much, got you going though, didn’t i?


Anywho, I, not unlike an over excited little child can’t sleep when I’m excited, why am I excited? because there’s too much shit going down in Sofia-town, that’s why!!

So where do I begin?

Ooh, okay, so, as everybody who knows anything about me will tell you, I have a darling little pad in the Westend, which I live/party/session in/from… I’m guessing most people have seen the dancing-on-the-table pics on twitter as proof of that!

WEEEEEELLLLL, I am delighted to officially announce that the final ink has dried, bottom lines have been signed, I’s were dotted T’s were crossed and A’s were kicked to get the premises for my new Princess Pad (aka the brat-cave), now to be equipped with domestic setting, dungeon roof terrace worship area and HOPEFULLY sissy makeover room! TADDAH!

It is seconds from Liverpool street and Old street underground stations and is amaaaaaaahzing.

But fear ye not! (there i go again) for those of you who cannot get to the east of london (or the city really, who am i kidding? East? Never paid attention in geog, lol), or you ladies who still wish to session from my pad in CG, I’m keeping this place too!!!

I’ve grown so attached to the little place i thought, what the hey? I will be leasing it for photoshoots, sessions and holiday lets, as well as sessioning from time to time there myself 🙂

So this brings me onto my other bit of news…..

It’s my birthday tomorrow!


Yeah! 7th Jan is the birthday of your very favourite divalicious-domme-brat of London Town!

Therefore between moving into my new place, kitting the whole thing up, revamping the old place, installing a dungeon room that will run into thousands and thousands, writing websites and generally looking gorgeous, I am about to do some shameless plugging!!!! 😛


It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an army to support a princess….


Many of you have seen me grow up from a newbie teenager learning the ropes, to the proud, strong kick-ass girl I am today.

I can say with absolute pride I have been commented upon by many as one of the high flyers in our little community, and I will say I believe I have earned the right to consider myself amongst the very elite of the dominatrices sisterhood, and I have many of you to thank for that support.

Support, be it a silly meme posted on my twitter wall, or the human footstall who persevered for 2 days while my ankle was sprained, or the advice of my dear friends in the industry, to that food shop when i was too hungover to get out of bed, and a million other things I haven’t the time to name right now, but have not forgotten, whatever it’s been, the love and respect I have felt is amazing 🙂

So, #TeamSofia, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Princess to her rightful place in life as a dungeon owner, it is my destiny, luke (oooh I am such a nerd)
As well as pimping the hell out of my new pad.

My wishlist is full of things I need for my new house, so get clicking;

Sofia’s amazon wishlist

I have also found BDSM suppliers that will accept amazon giftcards, so send all giftcards to info@princess-sofia-domme.co,uk

I will accept larger tributes via bank transfer, contact me for details

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading, let’s make this thing happen. See you at the launch party 😉



#TeamSofia #Number1

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 03.36.52

28Dec 2014
Hello all!
Joyeaux noel, feliz Navidad, buon Natale, Nadolig llamen, and a merry stinkedy-stonking Christmas to you!

I think today is the day I would finally like to write a post about finding love within our little BDSM community, and on the internet in general.

I can’t speak for every ProDomme out there, but I can certainly speak for myself and others I have discussed this matter with….. We do not want to be bothered on our work phones with love, marriage, sex or dating proposals!

We have our work life, and our personal life, and that doesn’t necessarily mean Domme and vanilla.

All Dominas I know enjoy kink both in and out of pro-sessions!

I for one, however, do not welcome advances from strangers asking me to go out with them via my site or phone!

    The following circumstances ESPECIALLY grind my gears;


  • I have never met you, it is the first text you’ve ever sent to me, I have no photo. So, i’m supposed to fall in love with a phone number, that is 11 sexy as hell digits, lets get married??
  • You ASSUME i’m available. shows how attractive you must find me if you assume I’m waiting at home for strangers to ask to take me out.
  • Not that it makes any difference if you’re a stud or not, but it’s always the fugly sea donkies, space cows and moon pigs that have the confidence to ask me out! What do you see when you look in the mirror point dexter?!?!?!
  • You send me a photo of your cock. Enough said
  • You spend ages asking me about sessions to basically say you don’t want one and just want to take me out.
    It is a work phone, with a number you found on a work site. I am a fucking princess, and you expect my time for nothing? It’s not looking to likely is it?


So, onto finding love, or NSA fun, in our world of whips and chains….

Britain is a nation of pub and club goers….. ask anyone over the age of 35 how they met their partner, most will start their story “well i was out one night drunk….”

My generation is one of tweeting, facebooking and instagramming to hook up.

This is all good and well, but it can get rather tiresome having 50-100 men/women/trogs add you a day with the aim of getting into your pants when all you want to do it catch up with an old school friend who now lives in oz.

Despite the baffling new laws surrounding the filming and distribution of FemDomme porn (which i will be writing about soon), BDSM has enjoyed a foray into the mainstream like never seen before, thanks to erotic novels such as 50 shades of grey, it is not uncommon to see a gaggle of menopausal 50 somethings sitting having a girlie lunch getting in a fluster about handcuffs and corsets after a pinot grigio or 2.

We can now buy vibrators in Boot’s chemist, and when searching for grey paint for my new dungeon (AGAIN, needs it’s own blog) I found that dulux has a “fifty shades of grey” domination paint collection (i haven’t entirely decided whether or not it’s a joke!!!!)


Kink is here, and (if the bloody government don’t get their own way) it’s here to stay, huzzah!!!!

However, I understand that many people i know in the scene, have in the past found it hard to find that special someone who is compatible with their kinks as well as in the more traditional senses.

I like to think of myself as a woman of logic and numbers, dating is a numbers game.

You could go to five different bars every night of your life, and the chances of finding that special someone, who happened to be in your line of sight at the right time on the right day, isn’t playing the odds in your favour and isn’t being smart.

It’s like a prodomme going into Yate’s wine bar Leicester Square and giving out business cards.
You are not advertising to the right market!!!

Therefore I would recommend HIGHLY that those interested in pursuing a BDSM centric relationship visit specialist sites, I have heard of many success stories using these.

XXX Sex Guides
Though i have not used this site myself, it comes recommended from others. Upon further inspection, it looks to be a good site with a variety of listings for dating, prodommes and other adult industry links.

www.fetlife.com I am a member myself (for networking purposes only!), and this is also a good resource for meeting friends in the industry, keeping up to date with parties and events

Formerly collar me until the infamous fight between the owners.. I have used this website up until recently, but have alas been removed as i dared to post the profile links of others using my photos fraudulently! This is a popular site but use at your peril! Full of fakes and trolls IMO

A google search will bring up others but the list above are a good place to start.

Some tips for keeping safe on the net

I know that most of us know most of these, but here they are just to round up;


  • DO NOT give away card details online, if you are using a dating site, with someone who claims to not be prodomme, don’t give money in anyway at all.
  • Ladies, do not use the card details given to you by others, ever. they may just call it in as fraud to spite you and you’ll be in hot water.
  • Be honest! A 10 year old photoshopped photo of you before the receding hairline and beer belly, driving that friend of your’s porsche and a profile saying you are an outdoorsy person who loves watersports and whipping when you want to sit on your arse and eat pies is going to lead to disappointment for your date and your feelingS being hurt.
  • Check out their profile closely. Is it very new? has only a few words, or 1 picture? If the 1 picture is of an insanely good looking person beware, usually those who are that picture perfect would adorn their profile with more than one picture if it hadn’t just been plucked out of a google image search
  • Skype / send verifotos / talk on phone before you meet.
  • Make sure ground rules are set, be it going for dinner or setting up for the night in a dungeon, keep it in writing, that way everyone can re read and theres no room for ambiguity
  • Meet in a public place, with lots of people around and have an exit plan!
  • Let a few friends know where you are going, develop an “alarm call” safety word. something you could say on a phone call or in a text which doesn’t sound out of the ordinary but alerts the reader that you may need help. something like “okies” or “TTFN” can be worked into a conversation without raising suspicion
  • Last but not least, go with your gut! It seldom leads you wrong


Most importantly of all though, ENJOY! It is easy to get bogged down with the fear and stigma associated with online dating, when the truth is it’s mostly people like you and I, just trying to find their partner in kink!

Sofia xoxo

photo 2


06Nov 2014

Howdy doody to all my adoring fans out there!

I hope my little minions, sissies, sluts, slaves and cuckies and all of you are all keeping well….

I am great as always, having a relaxing afternoon before a role play session this evening (i will be adding it to my role play page probably tomorrow so keep an eye out!

    I thought i would give every one a little update from the brat cave in CG

I’ve had a wonderful long warm summer, and have been joyously honing my BDSM and domination skills as this little bratty princess is becoming more of a lady and less of a child and careering towards her 22nd birthday.
I have decided to try my hand at the more unexplored sides to domination for me 🙂

As the dark nights set in, Princess needs new ways to keep herself entertained, and to keep herself in pique physical condition in the winter months of indulging in red wine and roast dinners!
I am happy to announce that I will very soon be holding wrestling sessions at my chambers, as well as hosting wrestling sessions for other elite and exclusive dommes rarely available to the hoi palloi of submissives and fetishists.

    This will be a fight club like no other!!!!
    The First Rule of Sofia’s Fight Club; you do as We fucking say!
    The Second Rule of Sofia’s Fight Club; The elite of BDSM may only attend
    The Third Rule of Sofia’s Fight Club; When it comes to the Mistresses, Godesses, Dominas and Princesses, we have no fucking rules! Your arse is OURS, weakling!

The first step to do begin this foray into the abuse, grappling, pinning and emasculating of the weaker sex (you KNOW I don’t mean women), is to create my very own wrestling arena!

I have put some AMAZING 40mm jigsaw mat pieces on my
wish list, to act as our kinky battleground.
They are just £20 each and i need 20, so you can get as little or any many as you like for me 🙂 the more you get the happier i am and the nearer I am to my goal!

Anyone who tributes one will not only earn a special mention in my next blog but will be entitled to a free clip when my store is up and running 🙂

    So, get clicking slaves


    You know you love me and want to make me happy!

I will as, always keep my twitter/blog updated of progress


19Sep 2014

I woke up this morning in the same way I do every morning.
I’m in my big cozy bed with the duvet tucked around my ears and a cat curled up either side of me.
As the hustle and bustle of the city begins to descend on the previously sleepy tableaux outside my window, I peer out from the duvet and exploratively poke a hand out onto the bedside table searching for my phone.

“Right let’s see what today brings…” I say, as the screen of the phone lights up and the load page appears.
“Good morning, sofia!” the phone greets me cheerfully
“Ah, I’m so amazing, even technology is pleased to see me” I think to myself and giggle

15 missed call notification, 37 emails, 9 text messages

“Thank god I turn off my phone at night or i’d never get a wink of sleep” I mutter under my breath.

Scrolling through the notifications, the usual sorts of things I would expect, texts from regular submissives, new numbers and well documented time wasters still trying their luck.

So, onto the emails;

Hi Princess sofia, would you be interested in attending our event?
25% Sale on fetish wear and BDSM gear this week only!
Session request
Items for sale
Advertise on our directory today!
Filming slave application

…..and then i see something that really piques my interest…..

Ex sugardaddy humbly requests an audience

I nonchalantly click on this one first as it seems the most pathetic and grovelling

The enclosed email reads as follows;

Dearest Princess Sofia,

My name is Daniel, I am a 55 year old successful business owner.
I am divorced and have after several decades of living in denial I have decided to go on a journey of self discovery and truth seeking.
I am not sure exactly where all this is leading, all I know it that I by chance saw your profile and was left utterly captivated.
I feel that you are the person who will make me realise my destiny and you alone are the one who can bring completion to my life, even though I’m not sure how yet.
I would love to take you to lunch, just a few hours of your time, and maybe then you would see I was a generous, genuine, kind man and you would be interested to get to know me better, maybe then you can help me with my situation?
We can go wherever you like, I was of course take you shopping and spoil you rotten and you will be treated like the princess you are.

Just name the time and day and I’ll be there

D x

Upon first reading this, my immediate reaction was “Pffft, another sad pathetic nobody asking me for a date.
What the hell gives them the confidence to think that i’d be interested in someone who I’ve never even met, seen a picture of, and who has to resort to trawling the internet giving out unsolicited date proposals.
How desperate do they think I am??!!”

However, there was something deeper to this email.

He wasn’t asking to date me, he seemed to be crushed, subservient and in awe. I like that.

“Well I’ll go along, see what he has to say for himself.
Some shopping and a nice meal will be a nice way to spend tomorrow” I decide

I hit the reply button and send the following;

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your email, I have considered your offer and have decided to accept, meet me tomorrow at 2pm at Harvey Nick’s, we will have some cocktails, lunch and a chat and then shop.


With that I close the laptop, jump out of bed and get on with my day, smugly knowing while i won’t give Daniel a second’s thought, I will be all he can think about…..

18Sep 2014

Hello everybody! I hope this blog finds you in good spirits…..

I’m just writing a quick little blog to discuss the hypocrisy of the “puritanical lifestyle only” subs

Ie; The ones who do not pay for ProDommes and consider us inferior to the lifestyle domme

This, in itself, is a mystery to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand if you do not want to see a pro domme, I appreciate you may be looking for something more involved, perhaps a live in playmate, or a partner.

Fair play to you, I am a great believer in “live and let live”

However, what I do take exception to is those who choose to message me and register their disdain for pro-dommes, and tout us all as fake, talentless, money grabbing, un-dominant mercenaries

This, is not the case, far from it in fact!

I would like to debunk this myth.

Here are my reasons

In every pursuit and passion in life, be it cooking, sports, modelling, photography, music, singing, to name but a few, there are hobbyists, those who do it for the love of the thing.

Many of you reading this will probably have at least an interest in one of these.

The people who stand out from the others, the exceptionally talented ones, become professionals, i.e.; they get paid for doing what they love. You do not find man united fans screaming at wayne rooney that he’s a talentless money grabbing whore and demand he plays the game exceptionally well for free. He is a remarkable sportsman so is respected and paid as he should very well be.

You like to come to see your princess do you? see her dressed in the finest clothing and jewellery, looking fresh from the latest beauty treatments with beautifully coffered hair?. You like to serve in a beautifully furnished, decorated, clean flat in a respectable area? These things don’t buy themselves you know, so if you aren’t tributing, how will they get paid for?

Do you think a princess should get a second job, around the hundreds of submissives who would ask for free play, just so that you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket…?

Not very dominant, is it? Or perhaps you’d like to session in her cardboard box she lives in in an alley… she can use an old dead rat to whip you and wear a potato sack?

If you are truly submissive, you believe that every interaction with your superior should be their gain and your loss. Somehow your princess should always come out of the situation with the upper hand. So, while you have come to play, I have made your wildest fantasies come true, you have awakened something in yourself, truly, complete, unadulterated happiness.

Do you think at the end you should just get dressed say “cya!” and leave? Surely as a submissive you’d love to spoil your dominant, right?

So there you have it, my trifecta of why the haters do what they do best, talk shit

So i bid you adieu, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

Sofia x

11Jul 2014

I am currently looking for a lifestyle sub to help me out with the running of my studio in covent garden.
It will consist of cleaning and occasional errands
If you would like to be considered please email me at the following address


The email in question should contain the following

* The title should read ; Application to be Princess Sofia’s lifestyle slave

* I then expect a short passage, no more than 100 words long giving me a little information on yourself (relevant only to the position please!)

* What your age, name and location is?

* What times would you be available to serve?

* How much notice would you need?

*I will also either require either;

A rolling deposit of £200 that would be lost should you no show or cancel within 48hrs

References (positive, naturally) from a minimum of 3 dommes you have served in a domestic capacity for an extended period of time

You need to state which of these you would like to do clearly in your response.

* 2 forms of ID and a proof of address are not obligatory but will aid me in my search, those who are prepared to give ID will be given priority. This is for no other reason than I would like to have the security of being able to leave you in my home unattended. Discretion with this information is of course, paramount, and will be for my records ONLY.

I look forward to reading your replies, but as I anticipate a huge response to this I would ask that ALL questions are answered correctly as I do not have time to send multiple responses.

Any applications that are not written as stated will be ignored


07Feb 2014

Another loon of the day brought to you by collarme.com……

This one is truly excellent and just shows how removed from reality some of these people are!!!

Also, this incorporates some lessons and tips about fakes online from previous blog posts;

OK, so I get this message first off, from “nero101”

It goes a little something like this; i’ve also posted his profile pics…

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.11.06



Just moments later this little hottie pops up with a message for me;

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 15.14.06

So, Let me get this straight…….

I get an arrogant, rude, obnoxious little twerp offering me €20,000 even though he’s never spoken to me, sessioned with me or been referred to me by another sub. Yet you want to spend 20k on me….

Yeah, OK i believe you!!

You then choose 2 of the most ropey, budget little pictures to show case how pimp your lifestyle is on your profile. Nice bathroom and clothes dude!

Let me guess, we’re going to go splurge money in louis vuitton then go back to your static caravan you share with your granny in eastbourne? lol

So then, when someone dare suggests that his story is less than credible, he doesn’t message me back. OH NO!

He expects me to believe that he is somehow able to get a 10/10 fox to copy and paste the message and add at the end “i should add that he is genuinely worth your time ciao Jessi”

Because another domme would be desperate to send 20,000 sheets someone else’s way!!!

This message came from the username “MizzJessi”

Mizzjessi’s profile is, of course about 6 words long and only has 1 photo.

If you look carefully at the name written on the chest of Mizz jessi it clearly says “Mizzjessit”

So this is another giveaway of a scammer, if they have a picture with a verifoto name on it.. check it is IDENTICAL to that of the profile name you are receiving the message from.

Many of my photos have been lifted and some variation of Princess Sofia used.

Any of it real? I think not!

Anyway, all I can say is nuts, completely and hopelessly nuts!!

S x

06Feb 2014

Hello everybody!

So january was a busy month for me!

It had it’s ups and downs…..

I had my birthday in which i got some amazing gifts from all of you. I would like to thank each and every one of you who gave me a gift, I got so much wonderful stuff and my little home studio is ready to go…….

I have started editing images and producing little photo caption thingies so they are already coming into good use!


I put an offer in on a space that i was going to move into and make into a proper studio. unfortunately that fell through, but at least it gives me a chance to use this place first to start marketing it filming etc and work up to a commercial property.


I am having february off from partying, I’m eating healthy and hitting the gym hard for filming starting in march for my clip store

I have been financed by a submissive to fly to cancun and stay in a lush hotel and do some filming in the sun in april… or that may be cuba in may. I haven’t decided yet…

I chipped a tooth eating a hard sweet… and anyone who knows me will tell you the only thing i’m afraid of is the dentist!!!

My littlest cat, Ralph Sausage, is getting his nuts cut off tomorrow poor little thing so he can’t eat anything after 10pm tonight so we had a little picnic on the carpet for his “last supper” of sorts

I’m going to get some dirty looks shot my way tomorrow!!!!

Valentine’s day is coming….. So I’ll be expecting presents from ALL of you, my wish list has presents for as little as £5 so there’s no excuse really!!!

So if you’re having the privilege of talking to me on twitter, looking at my pics and reading my blogs and STILL don’t show your devotion… You’re not worth a squirt of my little girl piss really!!!

photo 1

Amazon Wish List: http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1LPQBJJ0SOL6S

S x