10 of the best

You walk into my home…. you have already paid your tribute along with your application for “10 of the best”

You come in to the punishment room, strip and have a collar placed on you.

You are presented with an array of whips, tawses, crops and canes, you pick your implement of torture, i will be your judge and jury, it will be your executioner for the period of your incarceration.

If you chose to be spanked, you will hand me the leather gloves.

You place a pile of £10 notes on the table next to me.

You are tied and bent over and gagged, maybe blindfolded if i’m feeling particularly mean.

You are then beaten, spanked or whipped it sittings of 10

No more. No less. 10

I will take £10 from the pile.

You will be asked if you wish to continue.

You will agree.

10 more firm, hard, or searingly painful strikes will be administered, depending on mistresses mood.
This will continue until you mention the pre set safe word.

You will be untied.

You will dress.

You will leave knowing your place beneath me.