09Jan 2014

Not much to say except for this isn’t the first or 15th time someone has tried this one, but they all refuse to give me a link to “the fake domme blog”

But despite my limitless resource of nasty, bitter, ne’er do wells that originate from the wonderful CM, I will not become jaded, oh no.

So i gave our man of the hour a chance, and the benefit of the doubt, and googled

“princesssofia1 fake”

“princesssofia1 collar me fake”

“princess sofia domme fake”

Of course, none returned a thing!!

Ah well, better luck next time mr man. At least he’s given me yet more material for when I come to write my book 🙂

Here he is people, what a beaut….

Can someone please give me some suggestions as to the thinking behind the exercise bike??? looool

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 14.20.22

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 14.25.27

06Jan 2014

My new camera arrived today!!

I am super pleased with it and can’t wait to start filming. I sent out a tweet last night saying i’d posted this twitter. Alas, I had not!


I am looking for filming slaves; the ideal criteria will be;

  • males and females of various ages, body shapes and ethnicity
  • has own car
  • is ok to have face on camera
  • has experience/ recommendations
  • happy to pay £100 deposit (refundable after filming)
  • has few/no limits
  • preferably english as first language
  • flexible availability
  • local to me

I am also doing a bit of market research as to what sort of clips people want…. You can be as detailed and as vague as you like. I’m also looking for out there ideas, things that are a bit different.
So if there’s a clip you’d like to see, don’t be shy. I’m open to most ideas… within reason!!

You can leave comments on here…. or you can email me through info@princess-sofia-domme.co.uk

Anyways thanks to everyone for reading my news, hope you all want to get involved!

Worship me, love me, adore me…… But mostly, fear me. Come and play…
if you think you’re brave enough!!!


Princess Sofia x

05Jan 2014

Come on people…. This has to be internet profile 101.. yet so many fail to see it;

If there is a pretty girl, who has a profile on a BDSM site, and she wants to “swap kinky stories”, or has “lesbian, no guys” on her profile preferences. If she has 3 pictures or less and a poorly written profile, chances are, it’s a dude.
The one i never understood is the “lesbians only” ones… so they think other hot girls are going to sit and talk smut to them??

So what we find ourselves witnessing is 2 fat old hirsute men sitting in their studio flat in tooting above a kebab shop or something jacking off to eachother’s “domme chat”

Judging by the volume of these fake profiles, not many of them have figured this out yet!

Here’s my one today, he’s gone a different route. He’s just being plain old mean!!
I’m destroyed. Seriously. 😛


04Jan 2014

Hello one and all,

You may want to sit down if you are standing up reading this as I know the following may be shocking for my fans, devotees and general lovers of all things female supremacy;

Some people, men mostly, don’t like me!!!

Shocking I know!!!

Anyways, this general disdain and jealousy for what they can’t have manifests itself in different ways. Timewasting, prank phonecalls.

My favourite, and the most hilariously un-threatening and un-scary of all of these is the full throttle “trolling” abuse.

I have been saving up some screen shots, transcripts and pictures for all of you to see, meaning to start it as a regular feature. Today’s one was the catalyst.

Hold on to your hats guys, this is going to be a bumpy one!!!!

This particular chap came from collarme. I must say collarme is my most abundant source for the musings and ramblings of utter madmen.

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce to you “meatfeast”


Yes that is ACTUALLY his username!

Here is this fine figure of a man’s picture
Everybody say hello to meatfeast!!!!!

Anyways this is a screen grab of what he said, and I replied;


He was shortly blocked after as these nutters will go on ALL day and I havent the time nor the inclination

Anyway, takes all sorts I guess!!!

More to come!

Princess Sofia


02Jan 2014

Hello everybody,

I hope everybody has recovered from the hangover’s and turkey comas… Santa bought me lot’s of stuff for xmas to go towards my studio and for myself. I’m very excited to get Long acre studios up and running and get filming my very own clips as well as getting new girls on board!!

So, a little update of what has been bought/still needs to be…..

Apple MacBook pro: £2,159  still to be bought
Reflector: £11.70 still to be bought
Lighting set: £169.99 ….. be bought with an upgrade to the £250 kit
Green Backdrop: £42 still to be bought
Black Backdrop: £42 still to be bought
White backdrop: £42 bought
Backdrop wall mount: £34 still to be bought                                                                                                                                                                               Canon legria: £700 bought                                                                                                                                                                                                           Samsung smart camera WB250f: £110 bought

I also need new equipment, outfits etc for filming as well as pedicures/ manicures. I am looking for a slave to take me shopping for filming outfits and to carry mine and my friends bagsdomvidsaug13 166 domvidsaug13 165 blkbry 029 gene i phone 093

I will also be requiring filming slaves who are willing to pay a refundable deposit for shooting who don’t mind their face being in the clips







Anyways,  I thought i’d post some images from over xmas and some feet ones too (am going to be introducing a new offer on foot worship sessions but that’s another post)

One is me wreaking havoc on a photoshoot and the other is my burned bottom after spending a bit too long on the sunbed!!!

15Dec 2013

mandzeeAh, hello and season’s greetings to one and all!

Things are hotting up round the covent garden area, the revellers and revelling and there is a bloody great big topiary Rudolph in the piazza with a flashing red nose.
It’s safe to say that Little Miss Princess Sofia is certainly feeling Christmassy.
I am sitting writing this looking out my window and feeling rather smug I’m not having to battle the cold or crowds but can still enjoy that west end Christmas spirit than is so magical.
Anyways I have been asked by quite a few people so far how they can buy me something for Christmas….
I have the obvious and usual ways, top of the list is amazon wishlist, The link is;
There is something for every budget, from a tag heuer watch, to cat food for my kitty cats! 🙂
Also, the gift of cold, hard cash should not be overlooked either, albeit a little impersonal 🙂
Also, for the kinkier among you I have a BDSM wishlist
Selridges giftcards will not be chucked back in your face, either 🙂

Lastly, and this is the important one guys, is what I really want……

I have decided that 2014 is the year that I really want to make my mark on the BDSM world, and one of the many ways I’ll be doing that is I am planning to start filming. I have been given the best part of £1000 by a submissive which is to buy me my new HD camera (by the way I am still in process of deciding which, (any opinions or advice on this please get in touch),
I Now have left to get some lighting equipment, and a new all singing all dancing laptop and I’m away. they are all on my wish list. The prices are as follows;
Set of photography clamps : £12.50
Apple MacBook pro: £1,359
Reflector: £11.70
Lighting set: £169.99
Green Backdrop: £42
Black Backdrop: £42
White backdrop: £42
Expansion set: £79.47
Backdrop wall mount: £34

I am accepting gifts for these for as little as £5. So if you want to buy me a present and aren’t sure what, or you can’t afford to splash too much cash this is the best way to do it

While perfumes and shoes are nice, this is investing in my future in the scene 🙂

So if you’d like your own personal collection of Princess Sofia clips you know what to do!

For every £50 I am given towards any of these items the lucky sub in question will get a free video once I’m up and shooting. So make sure you leave an email address I can send it to when you give a giftcard 🙂

It’s also my 21st birthday coming up on 7th jan so you can spoil me in 2014 too 😀

Merry crimbo and remember don’t eat yellow snow (unless that’s what you’re into!)

Princess 🙂

PS; I thought I’d throw in a picture of Sofia meet cockzilla at Goddess Cleo’s dinner party the other night. I look rather intimidated don’t I?? Enjoy!!! 😀cockzilla

07Dec 2013

Hi there boys and girls,

I have decided it is just plain old selfish of me to spend my time concentrating on the kinksters and perverts that can make it to central London to visit my chambers.
I now offer webcam sessions. Via Skype and payable by amazon giftcard or paypal.princesssofia.co.uk
sessions £5 a minute, minimum of 5 minutes if I’m already online, 10 mins if you want me to come on specifically. Discounts for longer bookings.
Skype username princess.sofia19

Come and worship me online and build up the nerve to see me in person.

Once you see me live, you won’t be able to resist

Take it easy x

22Nov 2013

1. Make sure you call me repeatedly on a private number, even though i don’t pick up private numbers.

2. When you figure this out and call on a normal number, make sure you do NOT text beforehand, giving prior warning as to who you are, and what you want. Make sure to definitely not ask permission to ring. To make me especially happy ensure you again call repeatedly, and that it is at 4am in the morning, and you are drunk.

3. When the phone isn’t answered send several texts, rambling, long, nonsensical texts.

4. Make sure that you refer to me as sexy, babe, baby, hun. That always impresses me.

5. The following texts always go down well. “Hi sexy, do you fuck?” “you think you can dominate me… you’re just a woman!” and “can i dominate you?”

6. When i give my demands in order to session, completely ignore them and say what you want to say. If you do answer all the questions, take particular care to always ignore question 5 (deposit details) it’s not transparent that you are trying to avoid it. By this time i have probably figured out you are full of crap, and never intended to come in the first place.

7. Tell me you are a student/poor/ill/dying and ask for a discount, ask me if there is any other work you can do to make up the tribute. Tell me that other Dommes are less/free and expect that to change things.

8. Tell me you’ve paid a deposit when you clearly haven’t and tell me PayPal/the bank/amazon have got it wrong. You have paid. HONEST!

9. If you manage to arrange a booking with me. PLEASE!!! text me EVERY SINGLE DAY. MULTIPLE TIMES. I don’t have a life you know

10. If you call and I can’t speak, keep calling. On missed call #25, i’ll change my mind and pick up.

11. When you turn up for your session, turn up early, and lurk around outside my house like a weirdo. This isn’t creepy and doesn’t look suspicious at all.

12. Don’t wash for a good few days before. Make sure you stink like complete shit. I promise I won’t kick you straight back out the door!

13. Bring nothing with you. No gift at all. Nothing makes a princess happier than a lack of gratitude. C’mon people, chocolates cost £2!! Though perfume, wine, clothes, shoes and jewellery are preferred!

14. When we session DO ignore my limits. Try and get me to do things I’ve said i don’t do. You won’t be asked to leave. In fact, this will ensure I give you extra time

15. Last, but not least. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!! Please, please, ring me drunk telling me you are in love with me, turn up at my door crying and ask me to marry you. You don’t look desperate. YOU are definitely what I call marriage material. Now come here, you silly thing!

Princess Sofia x

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