Another loon of the day brought to you by……

This one is truly excellent and just shows how removed from reality some of these people are!!!

Also, this incorporates some lessons and tips about fakes online from previous blog posts;

OK, so I get this message first off, from “nero101”

It goes a little something like this; i’ve also posted his profile pics…

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.11.06



Just moments later this little hottie pops up with a message for me;

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 15.14.06

So, Let me get this straight…….

I get an arrogant, rude, obnoxious little twerp offering me €20,000 even though he’s never spoken to me, sessioned with me or been referred to me by another sub. Yet you want to spend 20k on me….

Yeah, OK i believe you!!

You then choose 2 of the most ropey, budget little pictures to show case how pimp your lifestyle is on your profile. Nice bathroom and clothes dude!

Let me guess, we’re going to go splurge money in louis vuitton then go back to your static caravan you share with your granny in eastbourne? lol

So then, when someone dare suggests that his story is less than credible, he doesn’t message me back. OH NO!

He expects me to believe that he is somehow able to get a 10/10 fox to copy and paste the message and add at the end “i should add that he is genuinely worth your time ciao Jessi”

Because another domme would be desperate to send 20,000 sheets someone else’s way!!!

This message came from the username “MizzJessi”

Mizzjessi’s profile is, of course about 6 words long and only has 1 photo.

If you look carefully at the name written on the chest of Mizz jessi it clearly says “Mizzjessit”

So this is another giveaway of a scammer, if they have a picture with a verifoto name on it.. check it is IDENTICAL to that of the profile name you are receiving the message from.

Many of my photos have been lifted and some variation of Princess Sofia used.

Any of it real? I think not!

Anyway, all I can say is nuts, completely and hopelessly nuts!!

S x