Hello everybody! I hope this blog finds you in good spirits…..

I’m just writing a quick little blog to discuss the hypocrisy of the “puritanical lifestyle only” subs

Ie; The ones who do not pay for ProDommes and consider us inferior to the lifestyle domme

This, in itself, is a mystery to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand if you do not want to see a pro domme, I appreciate you may be looking for something more involved, perhaps a live in playmate, or a partner.

Fair play to you, I am a great believer in “live and let live”

However, what I do take exception to is those who choose to message me and register their disdain for pro-dommes, and tout us all as fake, talentless, money grabbing, un-dominant mercenaries

This, is not the case, far from it in fact!

I would like to debunk this myth.

Here are my reasons

In every pursuit and passion in life, be it cooking, sports, modelling, photography, music, singing, to name but a few, there are hobbyists, those who do it for the love of the thing.

Many of you reading this will probably have at least an interest in one of these.

The people who stand out from the others, the exceptionally talented ones, become professionals, i.e.; they get paid for doing what they love. You do not find man united fans screaming at wayne rooney that he’s a talentless money grabbing whore and demand he plays the game exceptionally well for free. He is a remarkable sportsman so is respected and paid as he should very well be.

You like to come to see your princess do you? see her dressed in the finest clothing and jewellery, looking fresh from the latest beauty treatments with beautifully coffered hair?. You like to serve in a beautifully furnished, decorated, clean flat in a respectable area? These things don’t buy themselves you know, so if you aren’t tributing, how will they get paid for?

Do you think a princess should get a second job, around the hundreds of submissives who would ask for free play, just so that you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket…?

Not very dominant, is it? Or perhaps you’d like to session in her cardboard box she lives in in an alley… she can use an old dead rat to whip you and wear a potato sack?

If you are truly submissive, you believe that every interaction with your superior should be their gain and your loss. Somehow your princess should always come out of the situation with the upper hand. So, while you have come to play, I have made your wildest fantasies come true, you have awakened something in yourself, truly, complete, unadulterated happiness.

Do you think at the end you should just get dressed say “cya!” and leave? Surely as a submissive you’d love to spoil your dominant, right?

So there you have it, my trifecta of why the haters do what they do best, talk shit

So i bid you adieu, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

Sofia x