Yes, it’s 3am!!! Yet, hark! I am, writing a bloggy blog blog!!!

Salutations and hello once again to all my adoring fans and wonderful friends who are reading this…Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 03.37.04

I know what you’re ALL thinking…

“Sofia is on the Bollinger tonight”

But alas, alack and alay, I’m afraid you could not be further from the truth (*sticks thumb on nose and wiggles fingers* ner-ner nernerner!)

So, why prithee, tell, fair Maiden Sofia (why do i always talk like I’m in fucking medieval times when I am excited or blog?!?!?) are you blogging your arseth offeth at such a late hour?

Well it’s not to post pictures of me butt naked, I’ll tell you that much, got you going though, didn’t i?


Anywho, I, not unlike an over excited little child can’t sleep when I’m excited, why am I excited? because there’s too much shit going down in Sofia-town, that’s why!!

So where do I begin?

Ooh, okay, so, as everybody who knows anything about me will tell you, I have a darling little pad in the Westend, which I live/party/session in/from… I’m guessing most people have seen the dancing-on-the-table pics on twitter as proof of that!

WEEEEEELLLLL, I am delighted to officially announce that the final ink has dried, bottom lines have been signed, I’s were dotted T’s were crossed and A’s were kicked to get the premises for my new Princess Pad (aka the brat-cave), now to be equipped with domestic setting, dungeon roof terrace worship area and HOPEFULLY sissy makeover room! TADDAH!

It is seconds from Liverpool street and Old street underground stations and is amaaaaaaahzing.

But fear ye not! (there i go again) for those of you who cannot get to the east of london (or the city really, who am i kidding? East? Never paid attention in geog, lol), or you ladies who still wish to session from my pad in CG, I’m keeping this place too!!!

I’ve grown so attached to the little place i thought, what the hey? I will be leasing it for photoshoots, sessions and holiday lets, as well as sessioning from time to time there myself πŸ™‚

So this brings me onto my other bit of news…..

It’s my birthday tomorrow!


Yeah! 7th Jan is the birthday of your very favourite divalicious-domme-brat of London Town!

Therefore between moving into my new place, kitting the whole thing up, revamping the old place, installing a dungeon room that will run into thousands and thousands, writing websites and generally looking gorgeous, I am about to do some shameless plugging!!!! πŸ˜›


It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an army to support a princess….


Many of you have seen me grow up from a newbie teenager learning the ropes, to the proud, strong kick-ass girl I am today.

I can say with absolute pride I have been commented upon by many as one of the high flyers in our little community, and I will say I believe I have earned the right to consider myself amongst the very elite of the dominatrices sisterhood, and I have many of you to thank for that support.

Support, be it a silly meme posted on my twitter wall, or the human footstall who persevered for 2 days while my ankle was sprained, or the advice of my dear friends in the industry, to that food shop when i was too hungover to get out of bed, and a million other things I haven’t the time to name right now, but have not forgotten, whatever it’s been, the love and respect I have felt is amazing πŸ™‚

So, #TeamSofia, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Princess to her rightful place in life as a dungeon owner, it is my destiny, luke (oooh I am such a nerd)
As well as pimping the hell out of my new pad.

My wishlist is full of things I need for my new house, so get clicking;

Sofia’s amazon wishlist

I have also found BDSM suppliers that will accept amazon giftcards, so send all giftcards to,uk

I will accept larger tributes via bank transfer, contact me for details

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading, let’s make this thing happen. See you at the launch party πŸ˜‰



#TeamSofia #Number1

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