I woke up this morning in the same way I do every morning.
I’m in my big cozy bed with the duvet tucked around my ears and a cat curled up either side of me.
As the hustle and bustle of the city begins to descend on the previously sleepy tableaux outside my window, I peer out from the duvet and exploratively poke a hand out onto the bedside table searching for my phone.

“Right let’s see what today brings…” I say, as the screen of the phone lights up and the load page appears.
“Good morning, sofia!” the phone greets me cheerfully
“Ah, I’m so amazing, even technology is pleased to see me” I think to myself and giggle

15 missed call notification, 37 emails, 9 text messages

“Thank god I turn off my phone at night or i’d never get a wink of sleep” I mutter under my breath.

Scrolling through the notifications, the usual sorts of things I would expect, texts from regular submissives, new numbers and well documented time wasters still trying their luck.

So, onto the emails;

Hi Princess sofia, would you be interested in attending our event?
25% Sale on fetish wear and BDSM gear this week only!
Session request
Items for sale
Advertise on our directory today!
Filming slave application

…..and then i see something that really piques my interest…..

Ex sugardaddy humbly requests an audience

I nonchalantly click on this one first as it seems the most pathetic and grovelling

The enclosed email reads as follows;

Dearest Princess Sofia,

My name is Daniel, I am a 55 year old successful business owner.
I am divorced and have after several decades of living in denial I have decided to go on a journey of self discovery and truth seeking.
I am not sure exactly where all this is leading, all I know it that I by chance saw your profile and was left utterly captivated.
I feel that you are the person who will make me realise my destiny and you alone are the one who can bring completion to my life, even though I’m not sure how yet.
I would love to take you to lunch, just a few hours of your time, and maybe then you would see I was a generous, genuine, kind man and you would be interested to get to know me better, maybe then you can help me with my situation?
We can go wherever you like, I was of course take you shopping and spoil you rotten and you will be treated like the princess you are.

Just name the time and day and I’ll be there

D x

Upon first reading this, my immediate reaction was “Pffft, another sad pathetic nobody asking me for a date.
What the hell gives them the confidence to think that i’d be interested in someone who I’ve never even met, seen a picture of, and who has to resort to trawling the internet giving out unsolicited date proposals.
How desperate do they think I am??!!”

However, there was something deeper to this email.

He wasn’t asking to date me, he seemed to be crushed, subservient and in awe. I like that.

“Well I’ll go along, see what he has to say for himself.
Some shopping and a nice meal will be a nice way to spend tomorrow” I decide

I hit the reply button and send the following;

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your email, I have considered your offer and have decided to accept, meet me tomorrow at 2pm at Harvey Nick’s, we will have some cocktails, lunch and a chat and then shop.


With that I close the laptop, jump out of bed and get on with my day, smugly knowing while i won’t give Daniel a second’s thought, I will be all he can think about…..