Howdy doody to all my adoring fans out there!

I hope my little minions, sissies, sluts, slaves and cuckies and all of you are all keeping well….

I am great as always, having a relaxing afternoon before a role play session this evening (i will be adding it to my role play page probably tomorrow so keep an eye out!

    I thought i would give every one a little update from the brat cave in CG

I’ve had a wonderful long warm summer, and have been joyously honing my BDSM and domination skills as this little bratty princess is becoming more of a lady and less of a child and careering towards her 22nd birthday.
I have decided to try my hand at the more unexplored sides to domination for me 🙂

As the dark nights set in, Princess needs new ways to keep herself entertained, and to keep herself in pique physical condition in the winter months of indulging in red wine and roast dinners!
I am happy to announce that I will very soon be holding wrestling sessions at my chambers, as well as hosting wrestling sessions for other elite and exclusive dommes rarely available to the hoi palloi of submissives and fetishists.

    This will be a fight club like no other!!!!
    The First Rule of Sofia’s Fight Club; you do as We fucking say!
    The Second Rule of Sofia’s Fight Club; The elite of BDSM may only attend
    The Third Rule of Sofia’s Fight Club; When it comes to the Mistresses, Godesses, Dominas and Princesses, we have no fucking rules! Your arse is OURS, weakling!

The first step to do begin this foray into the abuse, grappling, pinning and emasculating of the weaker sex (you KNOW I don’t mean women), is to create my very own wrestling arena!

I have put some AMAZING 40mm jigsaw mat pieces on my
wish list, to act as our kinky battleground.
They are just £20 each and i need 20, so you can get as little or any many as you like for me 🙂 the more you get the happier i am and the nearer I am to my goal!

Anyone who tributes one will not only earn a special mention in my next blog but will be entitled to a free clip when my store is up and running 🙂

    So, get clicking slaves

    You know you love me and want to make me happy!

I will as, always keep my twitter/blog updated of progress