Boss’s daughter blackmails you!

Boss’ daughter

You have recently joined a firm, it has been the job opportunity of a lifetime, the pay rise, the title and the prospects.
Your boss is a terrifying man, well connected and an authority if the industry, he can make or break a career with a simple phone call.
He is a tyrant, and everyone knows not to mess with him.
He has one weakness, his darling youngest daughter, Sofia.

Sofia loves to prance into the office a few times a week, usually towing behind her a tonne of shopping bags carried by various men that neither seem fit to date her, nor spoken to in the way of a platonic friend.
When her father asks who they are she always flicks her wrist and mumbles something about a new odd job man of mother’s helping her out.

When daddy is not looking, she terrorises both the men and women in the office. Making comments about how crap it must feel to be so ancient/frumpy/fat/poor to the women, while carelessly twirling her expensively coiffured hair around a perfectly manicured finger, adorned in couture jewellery these heifers could only dream of.

Meanwhile she leans over the men’s desks, in low cut tops and short cut off jeans and asks to see what work they’ve done today, and scrutinising whether are they making enough money to keep her rich and spoiled.

You are the newest addition to the staff, and therefore the current object of her torment.
One day, Sofia sits on the edge of her daddy’s desk, texting on her phone where you can see her from the photocopier, she opens her legs just enough in a short white tennis skirt that you see a flash of her white cotton panties.

You immediately get an erection which you try your best to conceal. Sofia then saunters past and gives you a knowing grin. You cannot help but watch her disappear down the hallway while tentatively fiddling with your dick through your trousers.
Without control or will power, you sidle back to your cubicle and wank yourself into oblivion thinking of the prick-tease boss’ daughter you’ll never have.

A week or so passes, you have almost forgotten the copier incident when on cue in walks the boss’ daughter from your dreams, and hell.

Sofia comes over to your desk as usual… she goes through her time honoured routine of demanding to see your progress for the day, when she starts to tell you about the guys down in security.
You have no idea what she’s on about but listen dutifully as you don’t want to trigger her renowned tempestuous nature and set her off on one of her world famous tantrums.

Your mind drifts and you’re not really listening imagining those tanned toned legs wrapped around your neck when……

“….so basically the boys in the security office were happy to give me the relevant disks, no questions asked, I got an assistant of mine to edit them together it makes for quite an entertaining short film… so shall we watch it??”
You are jolted back into the room a look of confusion spreads across your face “erm… film, what, err…. sure yes”
She pulls a little mini gold USB key off of her charm bracelet and sticks it into your computer.
“Photocopiercctv.mp4”  pops up, and she double clicks it.

The screen in front of you is suddenly filled with a montage of you getting an overly apparent erection, leering at her as she passes, and wanking yourself straight after in your cublicle. There is no second guessing what has happened.

As the reality of the situation begins to become apparent, and your world comes tumbling down around you. Not only would this be termination from your current job, but would most likely result in sexual harassment suit, loss of a 20 year career and divorce from your wife.

“Please Sofia, I….. I….. it was a moment of weakness…. I haven’t had sex since the baby arrived, my wife, she just doesn’t want to….. You have to understand you are so young, fresh…. i mean come on you must know what you do to every man here?!?!?!” You plead desperately, sweat forming on your top lip.

Sofia pauses a moment stands up and looks at you, not saying a word, not letting a flicker of an expression pass her face, like a champion poker player, she keeps her card unknown to her chest.
She hands you a note, turns on her heel and leaves.

My father has a flat in covent garden, the address is written below. Meet me there tonight at 8.30.
If you want this disk, you will do as I say to the letter now and when you arrive. No questions asked.

The day passes in a sweaty, panicky blur and before you know it you come back down to earth you are standing at the front door of the address you were given, being buzzed in.
You walk into the flat, it is darkened, for too much for a serious talk and you notice sofia is wearing a black latex mini dress and knee high boots with metal spiked heels.

“So, you came then… good decision, very good decision for you.” Sofia purrs as she pours herself onto a sofa.
You are hovering now, not knowing whether to sit, stand, talk or shut up.
“So… about this disk….” You hesitantly begin,
“I’m doing the talking here, sweetheart”  Sofia barks, in a a tone which is both condescending and aggressive, yet without the least bit of anger in it.
This is an odd tone to deliver this line in, you sense she is toying with you, she in fact isn’t angry at all, and has a hidden agenda.
“So, I’ve read your files thoroughly. I’d imagine with a newborn child, barely being married a year and a promising career ahead of you with daddy’s firm you’d love nothing more for this to all go away, is that right, dipshit?”
Again, that voice, disdain, but no vitriol… it somehow made it worse, more intimidating.
“Oh please more than anything, I would owe you a life debt” You splutter.
“OK, then we need to make an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for us both. don’t we cherub?” Sofia replied as she reached for her champagne.
“You now belong to me, you as a person, your very life essence, your soul, your cock and you balls are MY property to do with as i please. Also, the video remains here…” she nonchalantly tapped the usb key on the bracelet with a fingernail “Incase you displease me”

“Cutting a deal with the devil herself” You think in your head…. but you know you haven’t another option available to you.
“Okay, and what does that mean? what must i do?”
“Whatever i fucking tell you to do, when i tell you to do it and how i tell you to do it” Sofia said, and with a flourish of her hand removes what looks like a contract from her handbag.
“Sign this and it will make our deal legal and binding. Oh, and you refer to me as Princess now, if I hear the word ‘sofia’ unaccompanied by ‘princess’ pass your lips, well, just don’t do it, you won’t enjoy the consequences.”

Before you can talk yourself out of it and see sense you grab the fountain pen she hands to you and sign the contract, the pathetic, downtrodden and destroyed men you see accompany her from time to time begin to make sense. You note with shock that the situation, though terrifying, is stirring something in you…. are you getting aroused???

“You will report to me here tomorrow, same time, to commence your training… See yourself out, goodnight.”

You walk towards the door, legs feeling like lead and a head feeling like a whirlpool and click the door behind you.

This isn’t the end of your troubles, only the mere beginning…..

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