I would postulate that every dominatrix has encountered that element of “slave” (it doesn’t really feel correct to term them as such, I’d say they are more “browsers” of the fetish without the stones to immerse themselves in it!)

Their platform of choice is predominantly social networks (twitter in particular).

The fetish-browser (FB for short) will comment on pictures, goings on and picks sides/stirs the pot with any public arguments between dominas in order to curry favour.

Drawing from my own personal experience, there was once a particular little scrote whom I had found myself getting to know quite well who acted in such a way. He used an argument between myself and a 3rd party to try and become her pal/confidant (despite the entire scene despising said person and her being in the absolute wrong in the incident)

It didn’t work, however, as he stupidly messaged me thinking it was she. What a moron.

This is the most common type of this behaviour, however, occasionally, more classically, they will pop up on email, sending an overly-familiar rambling message.

Comments such as “I really like you, i like our chats” (when the sole response ever received to their war and peace length message is a slightly uncomfortable/ awkward “thanks thats very flattering”)

This is where it really becomes a bore, instead of leaving it at that, I mean c’mon, they’ve had some positive interaction with someone they clearly admire, and the mistress is left feeling complimented and that liberties are not being taken with her time.. No, it must progress… the FB gets greedy, as they always do….

I’m not sure if those who aren’t prodomme truly understand the bombardment we receive expecting attention of the most personal and time consuming for nothing.

I’ve never seen it’s parallel in any other profession!

These people are told

“I don’t have time for friendships and rapports with every total stranger ( incidentally, often not even a name or photo is provided) who comes my way. If you want my time, tribute and we shall see…”

“Oh i would love to princess, truly i would. however, i’m owned…” Is the usual response.

This bullshit excuse is used by 2 separate factions, i’m not sure honestly which i find worse;

The bullshitter:

Not ACTUALLY owned, its obvious, they have no mention of their domina on whatever profile and have already copy and pasted the same message to 50 twitterati this morning. Twat

The genuinely owned:

There is interaction between sub and said mistress and she is mentioned all over their profile. It’s legit.

What it think of these 2 types of BUFOON
The bullshitter:

Speaks for itself, nice convenient excuse, but basic and predictable, self explanatory.

The pre-owned sub:

This is what really begins to feel insulting. The pre owned sub will wax lyrical of your power, profess of your beauty, express a deep seated desire to know you, and all of you! They could never insult their superior by spending money buying you a gift or paying for a session!!

So, let me get this straight… if they are such a deeply devoted slave.. why aren’t they talking with said owner? Why are they browsing the net?

Is it that you they MONEY in higher regard than the gift of talking to she or I? Am i the only one who finds that deeply insulting?

An equivalent i suppose, in vanilla terms would be finding out your partner , whilst socialising in a circle of friends on a night out, happened to buy a female in the group a drink and that was the end of it…

Would that somehow be MORE of a crime than if you discovered he had spent the entire evening whispering sweet nothings into her ear? Saying how wonderful she was and beautiful and special while you sit being uncomplimented unawares in the corner? Which would you prefer?

So the moral to this story folks?

Well it isn’t that I don’t have owned, non-tributing friends… I do.

There are a few mitigating circumstances in which this occurs;

  • I knew you before you were owned
  • We have some commonality besides the obvious bdsm connection
  • You got me in a good mood and felt like talking
  • I have been introduced to you by your owner

Basically, the common denominator which governs whether I allow such a person into my life? That i fucking want to and is that it isn’t EXPECTED of me…



Never forget “Dammit I’m mad” spells “Dammit I’m mad” backwards