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Howdy doody to all my adoring fans out there! I hope my little minions, sissies, sluts, slaves and cuckies and all of you are all keeping well…. I am great as always, having a relaxing afternoon before a role play session this evening (i will be adding it to my role play page probably tomorrow […]

I woke up this morning in the same way I do every morning. I’m in my big cozy bed with the duvet tucked around my ears and a cat curled up either side of me. As the hustle and bustle of the city begins to descend on the previously sleepy tableaux outside my window, I […]

Hello everybody! I hope this blog finds you in good spirits….. I’m just writing a quick little blog to discuss the hypocrisy of the “puritanical lifestyle only” subs Ie; The ones who do not pay for ProDommes and consider us inferior to the lifestyle domme This, in itself, is a mystery to me. Now, don’t […]

I am currently looking for a lifestyle sub to help me out with the running of my studio in covent garden. It will consist of cleaning and occasional errands If you would like to be considered please email me at the following address The email in question should contain the following * The title […]

Another loon of the day brought to you by…… This one is truly excellent and just shows how removed from reality some of these people are!!! Also, this incorporates some lessons and tips about fakes online from previous blog posts; OK, so I get this message first off, from “nero101” It goes a little […]

Hello everybody! So january was a busy month for me! It had it’s ups and downs….. I had my birthday in which i got some amazing gifts from all of you. I would like to thank each and every one of you who gave me a gift, I got so much wonderful stuff and my […]