Hello everybody,

I hope everybody has recovered from the hangover’s and turkey comas… Santa bought me lot’s of stuff for xmas to go towards my studio and for myself. I’m very excited to get Long acre studios up and running and get filming my very own clips as well as getting new girls on board!!

So, a little update of what has been bought/still needs to be…..

Apple MacBook pro: £2,159  still to be bought
Reflector: £11.70 still to be bought
Lighting set: £169.99 ….. be bought with an upgrade to the £250 kit
Green Backdrop: £42 still to be bought
Black Backdrop: £42 still to be bought
White backdrop: £42 bought
Backdrop wall mount: £34 still to be bought                                                                                                                                                                               Canon legria: £700 bought                                                                                                                                                                                                           Samsung smart camera WB250f: £110 bought

I also need new equipment, outfits etc for filming as well as pedicures/ manicures. I am looking for a slave to take me shopping for filming outfits and to carry mine and my friends bagsdomvidsaug13 166 domvidsaug13 165 blkbry 029 gene i phone 093

I will also be requiring filming slaves who are willing to pay a refundable deposit for shooting who don’t mind their face being in the clips







Anyways,  I thought i’d post some images from over xmas and some feet ones too (am going to be introducing a new offer on foot worship sessions but that’s another post)

One is me wreaking havoc on a photoshoot and the other is my burned bottom after spending a bit too long on the sunbed!!!