Who are these idiots who want to be owned by a princess, which is the highest honour anyone can hold, and when they see photo’s of you out on a girl’s night out say “you’re friend is so cute”????
I mean, if you were dating someone, in a vanilla lifestyle, if they showed you a picture of them out with their girlfriends, would you say “fuck me, she’s fit”??
The answer is “Yes, you would.”
Well that would be the answer anyway if you had some urgent need to be hit over the head with a frying pan.
And thats vanilla! Not even a sub/domme relationship
So let’s get a few things clear.
I’m not your girlfriend, or a shag.
I’m a princess, an unobtainable beacon of perfection.
You are a contemptible cretin, unworthy of shit on my shoe!!
I’m allowing you to speak to me, to have a peek into MY life.
You have the cheek to comment on my friends
Of course they are gorgeous! Do I look like the kind of girl that hangs around with mingers???
So you are saying this for one of 2 reasons;
1)You are trying to make me jealous- truly pathetic, never going to happen totally transparent attempt at a reaction or rise out of me.
2)You are so unaware of how inappropriate this is for a sub to comment on? You are NOT what i deem submissive material. It’s rude and disrespectful to me.

So, bottom line is, keep those stupid little cocks in your pants. Stop perving. It’s bad form, it’s rude, and it’s a sure fire way to find yourself on my blocked list 😉

Princess Sofia xx