The sad, sad fairytale of Ben The Wormdick and and the Princess…..

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (well a bedsit in bognor), there way a sad little man with no
His name was Ben the Wormdick.
Because Ben had no friends, and and no personality, and a tiny cock Ben was sad….poor Ben
He wanted a girlfriend, but no one wanted him back!!!
“So, what to do?” muttered Ben, one dreary, drizzly night, whilst sitting in his bedsit nursing a semi
Ben hopped over to his computer and googled “beautiful princesses”
With 2 shakes of a rabbits tail, a window popped up.
“Princess Sofia of London…..” Ben said, as he clicked on the link.
Up popped a picture of a beautiful princess, with raven hair, ruby lips and emerald green eyes.
Ben wanted the princess as his girlfriend so bad, he leapt for his phone and text her.
Alas, within no time ben the wormdick was knocked back.
All the princess wanted was his money, his pride, and a picture of his pathetic stump of a cock to show
all the other princesses and fair maidens so they could laugh and point and show real men with big cocks
the picture and they could all laugh in their beautiful existence away from the smelly little loser in bognor
Pindick ben, as he is also known, was so desperate to be a part of the princess’ world, he did what he was
told and emptied his wallet into the princess’ bank account.
Oh how she laughed and laughed while he sat and ate beans on toast and she drank champagne.
The sad little man with the oversized pubic bush and the tiny cock was commanded to empty his earnings into
her account from thereon in

And they all lived happily ever after.
Apart from Ben , who lived a deprived and frugal life and would later die a virgin, of poverty based diseases.

The end