I am off to Newquay with the girls for a surfing trip. A good solid week of partying, causing havoc with the local boys and making all the other girls sick with jealousy.

We’re going on the road as we have several board4773_193732030231_637425231_7477366_1496385_ns, us and like a million pairs of shoes to transport. We are buying an old banger camper van to take with us. ROADTRIIIIIP!!!!!

I am going to Sutton tomorrow to buy it……

Which lucky scumbag is going to come and meet me to help pay towards the cost of it, the insurance, to fill it up with petrol etc

The whole thing will cost about £1000

I am accepting tributes from £20 for the losers with a lower budget, but I want more!!! This camper isn’t going to buy itself

I am taking tributes tonight and tomorrow morning

Tributes are payable via Adult Work credits, bank transfer, Pay Pal, Amazon Gift Card.

Pay Point in bank cash deposit, post, hand delivery f you prefer to keep things cash?

I can also meet at great portland street tube, victoria train station and Sutton train station.

Message me for further details.

I will also need a gimp to give it a thorough clean :