1. Make sure you call me repeatedly on a private number, even though i don’t pick up private numbers.

2. When you figure this out and call on a normal number, make sure you do NOT text beforehand, giving prior warning as to who you are, and what you want. Make sure to definitely not ask permission to ring. To make me especially happy ensure you again call repeatedly, and that it is at 4am in the morning, and you are drunk.

3. When the phone isn’t answered send several texts, rambling, long, nonsensical texts.

4. Make sure that you refer to me as sexy, babe, baby, hun. That always impresses me.

5. The following texts always go down well. “Hi sexy, do you fuck?” “you think you can dominate me… you’re just a woman!” and “can i dominate you?”

6. When i give my demands in order to session, completely ignore them and say what you want to say. If you do answer all the questions, take particular care to always ignore question 5 (deposit details) it’s not transparent that you are trying to avoid it. By this time i have probably figured out you are full of crap, and never intended to come in the first place.

7. Tell me you are a student/poor/ill/dying and ask for a discount, ask me if there is any other work you can do to make up the tribute. Tell me that other Dommes are less/free and expect that to change things.

8. Tell me you’ve paid a deposit when you clearly haven’t and tell me PayPal/the bank/amazon have got it wrong. You have paid. HONEST!

9. If you manage to arrange a booking with me. PLEASE!!! text me EVERY SINGLE DAY. MULTIPLE TIMES. I don’t have a life you know

10. If you call and I can’t speak, keep calling. On missed call #25, i’ll change my mind and pick up.

11. When you turn up for your session, turn up early, and lurk around outside my house like a weirdo. This isn’t creepy and doesn’t look suspicious at all.

12. Don’t wash for a good few days before. Make sure you stink like complete shit. I promise I won’t kick you straight back out the door!

13. Bring nothing with you. No gift at all. Nothing makes a princess happier than a lack of gratitude. C’mon people, chocolates cost £2!! Though perfume, wine, clothes, shoes and jewellery are preferred!

14. When we session DO ignore my limits. Try and get me to do things I’ve said i don’t do. You won’t be asked to leave. In fact, this will ensure I give you extra time

15. Last, but not least. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!! Please, please, ring me drunk telling me you are in love with me, turn up at my door crying and ask me to marry you. You don’t look desperate. YOU are definitely what I call marriage material. Now come here, you silly thing!

Princess Sofia x

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