Hello one and all,

You may want to sit down if you are standing up reading this as I know the following may be shocking for my fans, devotees and general lovers of all things female supremacy;

Some people, men mostly, don’t like me!!!

Shocking I know!!!

Anyways, this general disdain and jealousy for what they can’t have manifests itself in different ways. Timewasting, prank phonecalls.

My favourite, and the most hilariously un-threatening and un-scary of all of these is the full throttle “trolling” abuse.

I have been saving up some screen shots, transcripts and pictures for all of you to see, meaning to start it as a regular feature. Today’s one was the catalyst.

Hold on to your hats guys, this is going to be a bumpy one!!!!

This particular chap came from collarme. I must say collarme is my most abundant source for the musings and ramblings of utter madmen.

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce to you “meatfeast”


Yes that is ACTUALLY his username!

Here is this fine figure of a man’s picture
Everybody say hello to meatfeast!!!!!

Anyways this is a screen grab of what he said, and I replied;


He was shortly blocked after as these nutters will go on ALL day and I havent the time nor the inclination

Anyway, takes all sorts I guess!!!

More to come!

Princess Sofia