was feeling a little creative today, decided to try my hand at writing my fantasies is story form, thought i’d put it here for you all to read. so, here goes…..

Yesterday, after a day of lying around posing for pictures in beautiful clothes at a photo shoot, my model friends and I embarked on a night of dancing and partying in one of London’s most exclusive night clubs until the wee hours. Today started like any other day in my life, I get up way past midday as usual and slip on some white panties and a little t-shirt that barely covers my toned tanned stomach. I pad through to the living room to find an array of discarded high heels, handbags and party attire. I laugh as i see a mishmash of young creamy skinned limbs sticking out from under duvets on every sofa and flat surface in my living room. I see all the girls made it back safely…. i have flash backs of being given a piggy back. But who was it? I push the thought out of my mind and set about going for a bagel and coffee run for me and the girls…. a lot of sore heads today i should think judging by the amount of empty bottles on my kitchen counters.

I shuffle down the hallway and into my en suite and turn on the shower. I swear i hear a shuffling coming from my bedroom. I figure it must be my cat who will be wanting his breakfast by now. I pop out to feed him but he’s nowhere to be seen. Odd

I get undressed and get in the shower. I ran my head under the stream of steamy hot water and allow the warmth to caress my hair and body. I look down to my beautifully pedicured size 2 feet and notice something odd. Marks on my feet and toes. It is red but it’s not the right red to be blood.

“Is that…. lipstick?” i say out loud to no one in particular and crouch down to inspect further. it is. I screw up my forehead and think hard. Did one of the girls and I get a little too drunk last night?? Did a drunken kiss turn into something more?. “No…. that can’t be it” i say. Lexi shared my bed last night and she doesn’t wear red lipstick.

I finish up my shower and walk into my bedroom towel drying my hair and watching the little beads of water dripping down my body as i walk toward the full length mirror. I go to my drawers, slip on some fresh clothes for the day and head to my walk in wardrobe to grab some Ugg boots and a jacket. I open the door and there you are…..

It all comes flooding back… little hazy snapshots of last night….I’ve seen you before haven’t I.???… you were the obnoxious guy from the club who’d had a bit too much to drink…. and was taking it in turns to try it on with every girl in our group. after 2 hours of this shameful behaviour we’d had enough and decided to teach you a lesson.

I asked you if you’d like to come back with us to “carry on the party” i was drunk and flirty. You thought you were on to a sure thing……. We got you up here and overpowered you. We undressed you. I stumbled into the bathroom and got my make-up. We wrote loser across your chest in black eye-liner and whore on your forehead in red lipstick. We used the same lipstick to give you a clown mouth and i took off my heels and rubbed my feet all over your face, making you gag on them. That was where the red on my feet was from. We completed the look with heavy eye make-up and slutty blusher. Seraphina sat on the sofa and wiggled her knickers off and stuffed them in your mouth. Naomi grabbed the tape from the kitchen draw and put it over your mouth gagging you. Lastly my dildo came out and was shoved up your arse. A pair on snug knickers put on you so you couldn’t force it out of yourself. We tied you up with some tights and then put you in the wardrobe.

I suddenly came out of my day dream. I was staring at you, eyes full of smeared make-up. You’d been crying. You were saying something but your gag made it impossible to understand. Pleading for your freedom i should imagine.

I couldn’t let you go!!! What if you went to the police!!! I was in a lot of trouble here. I walk over to you so I’m towering over your screwed up frightened face.

“You’re going to have to just wait here until i can figure out how to keep you quiet” I say

With that i turn off the light and walk own closing the door and locking it behind me

You had got what was coming to you. I enjoyed punishing you for you behaviour

“I’ll think of something” i say under my breath “i always do”purpledress_c