Come on people…. This has to be internet profile 101.. yet so many fail to see it;

If there is a pretty girl, who has a profile on a BDSM site, and she wants to “swap kinky stories”, or has “lesbian, no guys” on her profile preferences. If she has 3 pictures or less and a poorly written profile, chances are, it’s a dude.
The one i never understood is the “lesbians only” ones… so they think other hot girls are going to sit and talk smut to them??

So what we find ourselves witnessing is 2 fat old hirsute men sitting in their studio flat in tooting above a kebab shop or something jacking off to eachother’s “domme chat”

Judging by the volume of these fake profiles, not many of them have figured this out yet!

Here’s my one today, he’s gone a different route. He’s just being plain old mean!!
I’m destroyed. Seriously. 😛