My new camera arrived today!!

I am super pleased with it and can’t wait to start filming. I sent out a tweet last night saying i’d posted this twitter. Alas, I had not!


I am looking for filming slaves; the ideal criteria will be;

  • males and females of various ages, body shapes and ethnicity
  • has own car
  • is ok to have face on camera
  • has experience/ recommendations
  • happy to pay £100 deposit (refundable after filming)
  • has few/no limits
  • preferably english as first language
  • flexible availability
  • local to me

I am also doing a bit of market research as to what sort of clips people want…. You can be as detailed and as vague as you like. I’m also looking for out there ideas, things that are a bit different.
So if there’s a clip you’d like to see, don’t be shy. I’m open to most ideas… within reason!!

You can leave comments on here…. or you can email me through

Anyways thanks to everyone for reading my news, hope you all want to get involved!

Worship me, love me, adore me…… But mostly, fear me. Come and play…
if you think you’re brave enough!!!


Princess Sofia x