mandzeeAh, hello and season’s greetings to one and all!

Things are hotting up round the covent garden area, the revellers and revelling and there is a bloody great big topiary Rudolph in the piazza with a flashing red nose.
It’s safe to say that Little Miss Princess Sofia is certainly feeling Christmassy.
I am sitting writing this looking out my window and feeling rather smug I’m not having to battle the cold or crowds but can still enjoy that west end Christmas spirit than is so magical.
Anyways I have been asked by quite a few people so far how they can buy me something for Christmas….
I have the obvious and usual ways, top of the list is amazon wishlist, The link is;
There is something for every budget, from a tag heuer watch, to cat food for my kitty cats! 🙂
Also, the gift of cold, hard cash should not be overlooked either, albeit a little impersonal 🙂
Also, for the kinkier among you I have a BDSM wishlist
Selridges giftcards will not be chucked back in your face, either 🙂

Lastly, and this is the important one guys, is what I really want……

I have decided that 2014 is the year that I really want to make my mark on the BDSM world, and one of the many ways I’ll be doing that is I am planning to start filming. I have been given the best part of £1000 by a submissive which is to buy me my new HD camera (by the way I am still in process of deciding which, (any opinions or advice on this please get in touch),
I Now have left to get some lighting equipment, and a new all singing all dancing laptop and I’m away. they are all on my wish list. The prices are as follows;
Set of photography clamps : £12.50
Apple MacBook pro: £1,359
Reflector: £11.70
Lighting set: £169.99
Green Backdrop: £42
Black Backdrop: £42
White backdrop: £42
Expansion set: £79.47
Backdrop wall mount: £34

I am accepting gifts for these for as little as £5. So if you want to buy me a present and aren’t sure what, or you can’t afford to splash too much cash this is the best way to do it

While perfumes and shoes are nice, this is investing in my future in the scene 🙂

So if you’d like your own personal collection of Princess Sofia clips you know what to do!

For every £50 I am given towards any of these items the lucky sub in question will get a free video once I’m up and shooting. So make sure you leave an email address I can send it to when you give a giftcard 🙂

It’s also my 21st birthday coming up on 7th jan so you can spoil me in 2014 too 😀

Merry crimbo and remember don’t eat yellow snow (unless that’s what you’re into!)

Princess 🙂

PS; I thought I’d throw in a picture of Sofia meet cockzilla at Goddess Cleo’s dinner party the other night. I look rather intimidated don’t I?? Enjoy!!! 😀cockzilla