I have posted this as its captures exactly how i feel slaves should be treated

Princess Thank You for Your magnificent profile Princess. I have to say it looks as though You have acquired premises worthy of Your beauty and superiority. I have toiled for over forty years and still live in a hovel, yet Your beauty has achieved this at Your tender age! Ny suggestion for Your underground space would be to create somewhere truly uncomfortable to keep Your slaves. Bare brick walls, concreted floors are so much more threatening than the stereotyped red and black dungeons You so rightly wish to steer clear of. I sometimes wonder if these premises are designed with the comfort of the slave in mind!! How much more wonderful for You to have Your slave(s) hanging from chains in the cold and dark, the harsh walls scouring their flesh, whilst You and Your friends enjoy the luxury of Your home upstairs. Of course the slave can always be unchained when required to serve You, but it will know full well that it will soon be returning to it’s miserable dark dungeon, quite possibly to receive the thrashing it deserves! How lovely if You decide to leave the house, and the wretched slave can hear Your wonderful heels clicking on the street sky light as maybe You go out to dine in a wonderful restaurant. The slave of course will be left wondering where it’s next crust of stale bread or sip of tepid water will be coming from! What a wonderful existence Princess 🙂 If i can serve You in any way please command! slave s