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03 04 13 034Hi perverts and pervettes,

I hope everybody’s easter weekend was eventful, I know mine was.
That, however, is another story for another time.
I am writing a post today to update you all as to one of the latest developments in my world.
I have a quite large section of my home that is a sort of undercroft (somewhere coal for a large house was stored in the olden days, or so i’m told) and an adjacent covered over area (the kind of place that is under streetlights on pavements) i have posted pictures for you to look at
I decided as I am on a fitness regime (no drinking alcohol for a month, exercising, eating a strict detox diet) and getting fighting fit for some upcoming modelling shoots and making some BDSM clips, I am going to turn this into a kickass dungeon, to film in, domme and double domme.
Well, I say dungeon, I want something a little different to the usual black and red leather thing, but I’m not sure what just yet. Throwing some ideas about with my girlies. Want something very “me”.
I had my egyptian slave come over last sunday, sweet young guy, such a basic fear and inbuilt respect for women that he is infact gay, but *HATES* men with such vigour that he’s rather just serve a girl in a totally non sexual capacity.
I will blog about him at a later stage, and the benefits of a submissive that is attracted to the opposite sex.
Anyway, he got the painting started, and i had someone else come and do the floors.
Today, I had a tv installed (which will be very soon playing domination clips starring yours truly whilst some lucky little fucktard is hung, chained and gagged there)
I also had the hooks for said chains screwed to the walls floors and ceilings

Now, to kit out the place,
I have a selection of things that I want, for both me to wear and to kit out my dungeon.
Here are some of the wishlists with the stuff i want are



If, for whatever reason, you want to buy something for me or my dungeon, but can’t buy anything from my wishlist you can send the tribute via paypal to princess-sofia_92@hotmail.co.uk
To post it via snail mail or bank transfer please message me for details

Any suggestions of what you’d like to see in my dungeon that isn’t on the wishlists? Message me. I’d love to hear what you’d like to see me use to abuse and punish the poor misguided souls who wander into my lair!!

Also, I will allow the piggy who tributes the most toward the dungeon the high honour of christening it….

So get buying, the sooner you gift me, the sooner I can use it, the sooner I can make your wildest dreams of submission and servitude come true 😉

Have a great weekend losers!

Princess Sofia x